Wind Deflectors and Rain Guards

Tired of the rain and snow getting into your car while you drive? We know how frustrating that can be. That's why at Auto Barn, we carry a great supply of wind deflectors and rain guards at your disposal. These deflectors will not only help keep water and snow out of your vehicle, but will slightly increase your gas mileage with the windows open as well. Click here to read more!
Auto Ventshade In-Channel or Tape On Ventvisors
WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors
Auto Ventshade Window Deflectors
Auto Ventshade Aerovisor Off-Road Wind Deflectors
1 Review
Easy to install. Perfect for keeping the rain out and letting fresh air in.
4 Reviews
Side Window Deflectors deflect rain and wind while providing ventilation for your car or truck
1 Review
Choose from stainless steel or black finish. Deflectors keep rain out and let fresh air in!
Aerovisor is a larger version of the Ventvisor Deflector
Auto Ventshade Windflector - Sunroof Wind Deflector
Auto Ventshade Seamless Ventvisor
Jeep Wrangler Jk Window Visors (2007-2018)
Chrome/Black Bug Delector & Window Visor Trim (18 ft.)
6 Reviews
Windflector eliminates wind noise, and drafts and prevents rain from entering the sunroof opening while driving
Our Price: $52.95
Sale Price: $50.95
You Save: $2.00
Complete and enhance the look of your luxury vehicle with subtle style and understated elegance.
Available for the 2 door or 4 door in black or smoke
Our Price: $73.95
Sale Price: $71.95
You Save: $2.00
Fits virtually all window visors and bug deflectors
Our Price: $13.95
When driving in the rain, it is never really desirable to open your windows. When driving at high speeds, it is especilly not recommended to have your windows open, as this drastically changes the aerodynamics of your car.

When you drive with your windows even slightly cracked open, the inside of your car essentially becomes a giant parachute, creating a massive amount of resistance due to air rushing in. What wind deflectors do is direct that air upwards and around your car, elimnating the wind resistance caused by open windows at high speeds.

So now, you can have your window cracked open in the rain, or driving at high speeds, or both, while slightly improving the gas mileage on your car! Back to top
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