Auxiliary Wide Angle Side-View Mirror Attachment (Large)

Auxiliary Wide Angle Side-View  Mirror Attachment (Large)
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The Auxiliary Mirror is mounted on top of your vehicles side mirrors. It provides a secondary angle that can be adjusted apart from vehicle's side mirror. It assures you safer travel, by allowing you to see much better as all blind spots are eliminated. Parallel parking has never been easier. Dimensions: 5¼" W X 4½" H X 3" D



Installation Instructions:

1. Pop off plastic panel on the back of the auxiliary mirror using a regular flat screw driver.

2. Loosen screws A & B inside the auxiliary mirror unit from the top angle of the mirror,
about 1/2 Inch using either a 1/4" socket or phillips head screw driver.

3. Slide the new mirror over the existing side view mirror allowing the bracket to slide
between the mirror and the mirror's housing.

4. Tighten screws A & B until the mirror is securely connected.

5. Snap plastic panel back on the mirror (note: this panel or the whole mirror
can be painted to match your vehicle).

6. Adjust the new mirror to desired angle using thumbs


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By Richard
SugarMill Woods, Citrus County, Florida
These mirrors have the blind spots covered...
April 22, 2022
I installed these mirrors on my 2014 Toyota Sienna after painting them white to match the van's color. I like these larger blind spot mirrors as an upgrade to smaller 2" diameter blind spot stick-on mirrors.

I adjusted them so that as a vehicle passes by, it shows up either in 1) both the regular mirrors and these blind spot mirrors, or in 2) these mirrors just as the front of the vehicle is alongside and at the same time within your field of vision.

They enable me to determine when it is safe to change lanes.
This is larger mirror that is easier to use than the smaller 2" stick-on mirrors. It can can pick up vehicles more than one lane over. Slight vibration into head winds but not enough to affect your vision.
By jot
Mirror Provides Much Needed View for Large Vans
December 2, 2021
The Hercules Wide Angle Side View Mirror provides an extra amount of rear visibility for a large van. The mirror is distortion free and high quality unlike other knock off mirrors of this type. I have been using Hercules mirrors for over 25 years and they eliminate blind spots on all of the vehicles I have used them on. The mirror mounts easily and securely. The rear view is exceptionally wide and clear. Unlike convex stick on mirrors, the Hercules mirrors add a rear view without taking real estate away from the stock mirrors. The image in the Hercules mirror is large and undistorted. The view at night is even clear enough to allow secure, confident lane changes.
By ric c.
large spot mirrors
December 11, 2017
Works great. Installs easily. Easy to order and received fast. Overall very happy with product and service.
By Chris
Aux W/A Mirror (Large)
February 13, 2016
Great product! Auto Barn sales rep went out of her way to find more info. about the product. Ordered two mirrors and received within a week. Own a 2012 Honda CR-V, which (for me) has a serious blind spot problem. These mirrors eliminated that problem. A little difficult getting used to at first, given the added height over the standard mirrors; but now I can see much better what is behind and to the sides of me when driving. Wish I had these when stationed overseas! Highly recommended!
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