CTA One-Man Brake Bleeder

CTA One-Man Brake Bleeder
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  • Check valve holds air from going back into
    caliper of wheel cylinder when brake pedal is released

  • Removes the need for a helper

  • Comes with 2 ft / 61cm long clear hose
    with spring clamp



  • Take off the master cylinder cover
    Add fresh fluid to the reservoirs.

  • The bleeding sequence is RR, LR,
    RF and LF
    Note: cars with diagonally split duel
    hydraulic systems (on front wheel
    drive and some small cars), RR, LF,
    and RF is correct

  • Open the bleeder screw of the wheel
    to be bled

  • Install the black rubber hose end of the
    tool over it.

  • Place the other end in a jar or can

  • Depress the brake pedal slowly three times
    See if there are air bubbles in the hose,
    if so continue pumping until they are gone

  • NOTE: Check the fluid level in the master
    reservoirs frequently during this operation.
    If they run dry, the system will have to be
    entirely re-bled. Close the bleeder screw,
    remove the tool and bleed the other wheels.
    Refill the master cylinder reservoirs and
    re-install the cover

  • Caution: Make sure the pedal is firm before driving.


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