SuperSyn Synthetic CVT Transmission Fluid (Quart)

SuperSyn Synthetic CVT Transmission Fluid (Quart)
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The SuperSyn Synthetic Continuously Variable (CVT) Transmission Fluid is a premium full synthetic transmission fluid combined with a highly sophisticated additive specially formulated to provide outstanding performance in vehicles equipped with either chain or push belt Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). It has the critical frictional and viscosity characteristics required by the CVT transmissions to provide superior performance and will provide long service life with improved low and high temperature and anti-wear protection, especially for demanding stop and go driving. This fluid is suitable for use as a service fluid for all CVT’s coupled with engine displacement sizes of 3.5 liters or less.




  • Superior friction control to provide
    optimum performance

  • Superior anti-wear protection to provide
    long service life

  • Superior oxidation stability

  • Compatibility in multiple CVT
    transmission types

  • Suitable for the following manufacturers as long
    as the engine is 3.5L or less:
    - Audi
    - Dodge
    - Ford
    - Honda
    - Jeep
    - Lexus
    - Mercury
    - Mitsubishi
    - Nissan
    - Saturn
    - Subaru
    - Toyota

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