Deka 9A75DT AGM Intimidator Battery (680 CCA)

Deka 9A75DT AGM Intimidator Battery (680 CCA)
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  • Deka 9A75DT AGM
    Intimidator Battery

  • Group size: 75/86

  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 680

  • Black cover with a gray case

  • Dual terminal universal design

  • Includes a handle

  • Includes a top adapter




  • Enhanced electrolyte suspension system

  • Special glass mats absorb more electrolyte

  • Premium maintenance-free
    starting and cycle service power

  • Vibration protection safeguards
    battery performance over time

  • Fast recharging powers more
    electronics longer

  • Spillproof design

  • Designed to hand factory installed
    electronics to anything that plugs in
    or turns on, and still deliver

  • 2x the endurance in severe service,
    as well as 2x the cycle life

  • Equipped for the toughest conditions
    and the most intense electrical power demands

  • Ideal for tuner cars or off-road vehicles,
    offering superior power for high-performance
    equipment and a high-impact design
    for rugged, back road adventures



  • Advanced durability design

  • Fortified posts, straps,
    and welds

  • Resists vibration damage

  • Maximizes current transfer
    over life of battery

  • Power-Perform® full-frame positive
    and negative plates

  • Withstands severe service demands

  • Prevents life-robbing electrical shorts
    from exposed wire

  • Enhanced electrolyte suspension system

  • Absorbs more electrolyte

  • Protects internal components

  • Micro-porous glass separators prevents
    acid spills and terminal corrosion



Warranty Info:

  • If battery is used on-highway vehicles equipped
    with two-way radios (such as taxis, police,
    and emergency vehicles), marine applications,
    off-highway use, and other non-automotive usage,
    free warranty replacement period is 18 months

  • Free replacement warranty is 12 months
    in deep-cycle use

  • Free replacement warranty is 3 months
    in full electric vehicle use

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