Finish First Complete Car Care Wash & Wax Kit

Finish First Complete Car Care Wash & Wax Kit
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  • 1 - Finish First Car Polish & Finish (16 oz):
    Easy to use. Synthetic polish. Will not scratch. Protects all painted surfaces.
    Leaves a durable showroom quality shine in one easy step.
    Weather resistant. High-performance polymers fill in microscopic pores in your
    vehicles clear coat and painted surface. Polymer molecules bond to your
    vehicles surface. Provides your vehicle with a dynamic and durable barrier.
    Resists tar, bugs, tree sap, oil/gas, acid rain, road salt,
    and other environmental contaminants. Provides protection for 6 to 9 months.
    Removes light scratches and swirl marks Leaves a perfectly smooth surface
    and a brilliant mirror-like shine. Will not haze, crack, chip or peel.
    Safe to use on painted surfaces; acrylic, enamel, metallic, clear coat, fiberglass,
    and any other hard, non-porous surface. After several uses all it takes is a
    quick wash to remove even the most stubborn elements

  • 1 - Finish First Car Wash & Conditioner (16 oz):
    Concentrated ph balanced. Polishes and enhances your vehicles gloss as it cleans.
    A synthetic, non-detergent formula that minimizes water-spotting while washing your vehicle.
    Produces soap bubbles. Will not leave a white film that dulls the painted surfaces.
    Removes dirt, road film, oil, tar, bugs, etc. Leaves a polished look between washes.
    Removes surface residue. Will not burn paint or strip away protection and gloss.
    Cleans and conditions your vehicle in one easy step. Eco friendly soap

  • 1 - Finish First Finish Prep Cleaner (16 oz):
    The surface of your vehicle needs to be cleaned before applying wax or polish.
    It gently removes water spots, tar, bugs, old wax, scratches, swirls and oxidation.
    Synthetic emulsifiers dissolve contaminants on your vehicles surface.
    Creates a durable deep gloss finish. Uses specially formulated micro abrasives
    that will not scratch your vehicles surface. Safe to use on all painted surfaces

  • 1 - Finish First Finish Fast Quick Wax (16 oz):
    Synthetic spray enhancer removes dust, road film, water spots, and fingerprints.
    Emulsifiers that will not scratch clear or gel coats or custom paint. Gives your vehicle
    an amazing shine when you don’t have the time for a complete wax job.
    Good for all auto, cycle, boat, and RV finishes. Dissolves surface contaminants without scratching.
    Can be used in direct sunlight. Will not streak or smear your vehicle's finish.
    Extends the life of your vehicle's polish. Just spray and wipe for a high-gloss shine

  • 1 - Finish First LVR Protectant Spray (16 oz):
    Comes with lanolin to restore and protect leather, vinyl, and rubber surfaces.
    Does not leave an oily or tacky residue. Penetrates quickly. Restores the original luster.
    Replenishes essential oils and plasticizers lost due to heat exposure and age.
    Reduces cracking and UV damage from the sun. Will not damage stitching.
    Simply spray on and buff off

  • 1 - Microfiber cloth:
    Great for polishing and buffing all paint surfaces

  • 2 - Foam applicators:
    Evenly applies wax, polish, and protectant to all surfaces


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