Liquid Glass Total Appearance Kit

Liquid Glass Total Appearance Kit
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Presenting the Liquid Glass Total Appearance System.
There's nothing like the exhilaration of seeing your prized auto, boat or plane gleaming with a glass-like, satin-smooth glow. One that turns heads while turning away the elements. And now because of a startling breakthrough in appearance chemical technology, you can apply this "showroom" brilliance in minutes - and enjoy its benefits year 'round.

Chemical cross-linking . . . the nucleus of our system.
Unlike other finishing families, the Liquid Glass System works because each highly-refined product chemically bonds with the next. The concept is simple. The results, simply-spectacular. All products are perfectly safe for use on clearcoated surfaces, and help retard acid rain and hard water spotting. When used together as a Total Appearance System, they cross-link to give you maximum protection and beauty. Pour on the Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate, Pre-Cleaner and Polish/Finish today - and see how their dazzling glow reflects on you. Then rejuvenate your leather, vinyl and rubber with our Connoisseur's Choice duo - the miracle cross-linked mixtures with mink oil. But don't wait. Once you experience a touch of 'Glass, you'll never settle for less. With regular use of all five products, the treated surfaces will remain mirror shiny, satin smooth and diamond hard and resistant to all natural destructive elements.




  • Polish/Finish (16 oz.)
    Hard as glass and will never crack, chip, peel,
    or turn yellow, and is safe for clear coats

  • Pre-Cleaner (8 oz.)
    Easily removes wax and grease build-up, road grime,
    oxidation, surface scratches, water spots, tree sap,
    and bird dropping marks

  • Wash Concentrate (16 oz.)
    reat to use between polishes and a fast and
    easy way to maintain the protective glow
    of your vehicle's finish

  • Connoisseur's Choice Leather,
    Vinyl & Rubber Protectant (8 oz.)

    Protect, lubricates, penetrates, and maintains newness
    to weathered leather, vinyl, rubber, and finished wood.

  • Connoisseur's Choice Leather,
    Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner (8 oz.)

    Easily and effortlessly removes ground-in dirt,
    and stubborn stains without stripping the surface

  • Carrying case with an application cloth
    and a buffing towel (not shown)


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