Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish (1 Gal)

Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish (1 Gal)
Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish (1 Gal)
Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish (1 Gal)
Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish (1 Gal)
Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish (1 Gal)
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  • Coats your vehicle with a clear, hard,
    smooth, and mirror-like finish

  • Will not crack, chip, peel, or turn yellow

  • Contains no wax nor abrasives

  • Creates a high gloss protective finish
    on any non-porous surface

  • No hard rubbing or buffing required

  • Clear coat safe

  • Use on your cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats,
    RV's, vans and other vehicles

  • Safe for use on gelcoats, acrylics, metal flakes,
    candy apples, pearls, plastic paints, epoxies,
    urethanes, etc.

  • Great on aluminum, chrome, stainless steel,
    and brass as well

  • Provides excellent protection normal road,
    atmospheric and other sources of pollution and dirt

  • Retards oxidation on painted metal and fiberglass

  • Reduces bottom friction Retards barnacles,
    algae and saltwater corrosion on both
    metal and fiberglass hulls

  • Use on aircraft to seal, keep clean,
    and reduce surface friction


  • Shake bottle well before using

  • Surface must be clean and dry

  • Wax residue on vehicles should be removed

  • Apply sparingly but evenly using a coarse cotton
    cloth in a straight back and forth movement

  • Apply to entire vehicle or to one section at a time

  • The surface should be warm (50°- 90°)

  • Some paint color may appear on the cloth but
    this is only oxidized paint which must be
    removed to reveal the good paint layer beneath

  • After a haze appears on the surface,
    wipe off with a clean dry cloth

  • Allow at least 4 hours between coats to permit curing

  • Once buffing/wiping is complete, baking vehicle
    in the sun will bond liquid glass to the surface

  • The more coats, the more protection is allowed

  • On dark colored vehicles, streaking
    may occur which can be eliminated by
    rebuffing the surface with a damp cloth



For touch-up or repainting:

  • Liquid glass may be removed by first washing
    with a strong solution of car wash detergent

  • Then using 00 steel wool with mineral spirits or
    varsol, wipe dry and sand with desired
    grade sandpaper before repainting


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