Lubegard Transmission Flush (10 oz)

Lubegard Transmission Flush (10 oz)
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Especially important in higher mileage vehicles, Lubegard Transmission Flush cleans and flushes out unwanted heat-causing contaminants such as debris, sludge and varnish. This added maintenance service will not result in comebacks and professionally prepares the transmission for new fluid and filter while extending the service life of the transmission.




  • For use with or without a flush machines

  • Safe for automatic and standard transmissions

  • Safely removes varnish deposits

  • Prepares transmissions for new fluids

  • Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors

  • Safe for all seals



  • With Flush Machine:
    - Follow manufacturers’ directions

  • Without Flush Machine:
    - Add one bottle of Lubegard Automatic Transmission Flush
      to transmission fluid
    - With car on lift (wheels off ground) start engine,
      circulate for 5 minutes cycling through all gears
    - Drain completely
    - Refill with ATF

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