Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer (1 Gallon)

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer (1 Gallon)
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  • Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

  • Number one heavy duty and high performance
    oil supplement in the USA

  • Eliminates dry starts

  • Resists thermal breakdown

  • Total protection in new engines

  • Stops smoking, knocking, and oil
    consumption in worn engines

  • Raises oil pressure

  • Adds lubricity for more miles
    per gallon (M.P.G.)

  • Lowers oil temperatures
    and stops leaks

  • Extends oil life by at least 50%

  • Use it in any manual transmission
    or differential to stop wear, leaks,
    heat, noise & hard shifting

  • Will not void new car warranties

  • Safely blends with all petroleum products,
    even synthetics


Recommended Guidelines:

  • Engines
    - use approximately 20% or one quart
      to each gallon of any other motor oil,
      petroleum or synthetic

  • Badly Worn Engines
    - up to 60 or 80%, if necessary

  • Manual Transmissions
    - use 25 to 50%

  • Differentials
    - use 50 to 100%

  • Transfer Cases
    - use 50 to 100%

  • Industrial Gearboxes
    - use 25 to 50% for preventative maintenance
      and less power drain. If necessary use 50 to 100%
      to stop leaks and overheating

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