Sea Foam Bugs B Gone® Bug Remover Concentrate (1 Gal.)

Sea Foam Bugs B Gone® Bug Remover Concentrate (1 Gal.)
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  • Specially formulated to safely remove bugs
    and other organic residues from your vehicle's
    windshield, front grille, bumper or any other surface

  • Cleans bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, mold,
    mildew, exhaust soot, tough road grime
    and brake dust

  • Use on your vehicle’s chrome, plastic
    and painted surfaces

  • Chemically neutralizes the acid in bug remains,
    exhaust soot and road grime

  • Softens and loosens them
    within 30 to 45 seconds

  • Addition of water makes it a
    highly effective detergent

  • Lifts dirt and grime so it easily
    washes away

  • Leaves your vehicle's windshield crystal clear,
    without hazy bug smears

  • Works great on the inside of your windshield too,
    removing that annoying haze

  • Gets deep into your chrome pores to release
    the grime that hides the beauty of the finish

  • Use it to clean your carpets and upholstery too


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