Sonax CutMax Cutting Compound (8.45 oz)

Sonax CutMax Cutting Compound (8.45 oz)
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  • Designed to achieve the
    highest cutting and polishing results

  • Will not severely damage clear coat

  • Capable of removing sanding marks
    of up to P1500 leaving an
    excellent gloss effect

  • Water-based

  • Long working window

  • Will not dry out

  • No dust is created during
    the compounding process

  • Polishing pads stay cleaner longer

  • Easy clean up after use

  • Simply wipe off the
    polished area

  • Solvent-free & silicone-free

  • Safe for use in body shops
    and collision centers



  • Apply a small amount (3 or 4 dime-sized drops)
    of polish onto a polishing pad

  • Polish the surface at a low rotating speed (800 rpm)
    for approximately 20-30 seconds,
    applying 15-20 pounds of pressure

  • After 30 seconds, remove pressure completely
    using only machine weight

  • Increase machine speed (1200 RPM)
    and continue polishing for 45-60 seconds

  • When finished polishing, wipe down the paint surface
    with a microfiber cloth


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