Tracer-Stick® Universal/POE A/C Dye Capsules (6-.06 oz.)

Tracer-Stick® Universal/POE A/C Dye Capsules (6-.06 oz.)
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The disposable Tracer-Stick capsules provide the fastest, easiest and cleanest method to add Fluoro-Lite dye to your vehicle's air conditioning system. They come prefilled with Fluoro-Lite dyes and save you time, labor and a clean up. No more measuring, filling or messy spills! These dyes help to pinpoint the exact source of refrigerant leaks with a bright yellow-green glow when viewed under an ultraviolet or U/V blue light. Tracer-Stick capsules are safe, solvent-free, and effective.


Using "one-shot" Tracer-Sticks minimizes exposure to contaminants and moisture. Simply connect the Tracer-Stick capsule with two control valves and hoses to easily add the fluorescent dye into the A/C system. Once the dye is added, just throw away the empty capsule. For use with R-134a A/C systems only. Kit includes six .06 oz. capsules.

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