Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert

Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert
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Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert works better than other warning devices. It helps prevent injuries and costly damage from vehicle collisions with a wide range of animals. The unit works from more than 1/4 mile away and, unlike wind-activated devices, Trailblazer helps prevent vehicle collisions with animals at any speed. Trailblazer can be installed to turn on and off by using the included dashmount switch, by switching the ignition, or by turning on the high beam headlights. Trailblazer will not clog with dirt, debris, or grime which make many other animal-warning devices inoperable. Trailblazer is rugged and weather resistant. 12 Volts, 103 Decibels.
  • Prevent injuries and damage from collisions with animals
  • Effective on a wide range of animals
  • Works from more than 1/4 mile away!
  • Unlike wind-activated devices, Trailblazer works at any speed
  • Trailblazer will not clog with dirt, debris, or grime
  • Trailblazer is rugged and weather resistant


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By Bob S.
deer whistles
November 27, 2013
I have seen more then five deer stop and go in a different direction away from my cars. I have them on three cars. You would think the car people and insurance companies would get together and put these on all cars.
By Bill T.
Deer alert that works
March 19, 2013
These things do work, I've hit more than my share of deer where I live. I've been a truck driver most of my life and have spent many many night time hours on the road. Just getting to work is a challenge with the deer on the road. I put one of these on my pickup last fall and I can now say they do work, they actually cause the deer to run away from your approaching vehicle.
By Tonda R.
Deer Alert
January 14, 2013
I got this for my husband's truck... So far, it has performed excellently. He says that deer along the edge of the road either do not approach or turn and run away from the sound. He used the headlight wiring option.
By Carol N.
Trailblazer Deer Alert
November 2, 2011
I live in upstate NY where deer tend to be a real problem. After having a car deer accident 2 years in a row on the same date, I knew I needed to do something. A friend turned me on to this product & I love it. The deer really do not run in front of you. If they are on the side of the road they will not cross your path they turn and go back into the woods. When I sold me old SUV I forgot to take off the deer alert. So new SUV new deer alert. Just bought 2 extra. It took a long time for me to find them. Don't drive without it, you will be thankful you spent the $$.
By Rob C.
Trailblazer Deer Alert
October 3, 2010
A follow up to my first experience with the Deer Alert in the fall of 2008. The original installation is still working great thru rain, snow, sleet, summer heat and winter cold. The deer still run away away from my vehicle as I approach. I feel secure when driving roads at night, an approaching vehicle, we both switch to low beams and you can't see if a deer is in the ditch, it's like driving blind, waiting, wondering if a deer is going to jump out, but no worries with the Trailblazer Deer Alert. I can't imagine driving without it. Glad to see others are having success with it also. For the money, it's a no-brainer.
By Ronnie
Trailblazer Deer Alert
May 8, 2010
Easy and clean installation. Appears to be well made. Toggle switch much more dependable than cheesy electronic switch on other types I've owned. Sound alerts deer as intended. Haven't noticed if extreme weather affects it yet. We'll see. Bought a back-up unit, just in case. Water ruined three of another different brand I have had. Alerts during night time driving are a must-have in northeast Wyoming.
By Stephen S.
Life Saving Deer Alert
December 16, 2008
I had problems driving back roads at night with deer crossing at no known moment and endangering my life as well as the deer's...I looked at different alerts and whistles, i came acroos this one and decided to give this one a try , as it looked like the one i needed. Since i have installed this item,it has saved my life at least 3 times and has cleared the pathway of the highway I travel countless times as i see the deer scatter or jump fences upon my approach from a distance with my brite lights on, by the time i get to where there at i can see them sometimes moving away from me in the distance. I was unsure if the device worked when i first had it installed,for i knew of No where in the day time i could find deer, to test it. I was traveling to another town about a week after the installation with some workers, and one had to go-umm you know so we stopped to let him go by a tree and when he finished he said hey there are some deer over there !! So i knew this was a perfect oppertunity to give it the test, and we did...the deer scattered so fast it was i knew then it worked. A few weeks later i was coming home by my self around 2 am in the morning No one on the road , i topped a hill and wow a pickup was stopped in the road i had to swerve and go around him fast ,before i hit i came around i could see the deer running away and i was safe, and then realized that, that was why he was stopped in the road waiting for the deer to move,this is just one instance it saved me ...I am senior officer in our company and my boss the owner also drives this area and has hit 4 deer in the last month(at a very costly repair bill and lucky to still be alive), i told him about my alert and he said i want one , so i bought him one for his vehicle and he loves it, and is very pleased with your product as well as I am..thank you so much for making something that is stable and works on my night trips.its been a "real life saver"...Steve
By Jac B.
Trail Blazer Deer Alert
December 3, 2008
I've put 4 of this product on my own car, my motorcycle, my sister's car, and my niece's car. I live in a high deer density area of Michigan and have frequently seen deer stop when they hear the sound, look, and then turn around and move away from the road. I can't prove it, but I believe it works.
By Rob C.
Trail Blazer Deer Alert
November 11, 2008
I originally installed the Trail Blazer Deer Alert as a a Safety Device for our fleet vehicles. I tried the stick on Whistle Alerts and they were useless; they plugged up and eventually fell off. The electronic Deer Alert was a test to see if it actually would work. While not scientific I have actually been quite surprised how well it has worked to keep Deer from bolting in front of my car while driving the wooded areas of our Alberta highways. Many deer have turned away at the last moment instead of crossing the highway in front of my car. I have since installed the Trail Blazer Deer Alert on all of my vehicles. Easy to install; I use the switch to turn it off and on. Put it in the grill out front, turn it on and go. Seeing road-kill deer along the highway ditches while I drive makes me feel vulnerable without it. I would highly recommend the Trail Blazer Deer Alert.
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