Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers
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  • Finest, most luxurious genuine leather
    steering wheel covers available

  • Inexpensive way to customize and upgrade
    any plastic steering wheel

  • Premier option for replacing a damaged
    or worn original factory leather covered wheel

  • Handcrafted in California from choice
    domestic cowhide

  • Exclusive patented lacing hole
    reinforcement design

  • Tight custom fit on any steering wheel

  • Easy to install

  • Many sizes and colors to choose from


Vehicle Samples:
(Below are samples of the cover installed on various vehicles)

(Installed on Porsche)

(Installed on Infiniti)

(Installed on Nissan)

(Installed on VW)

(Installed on Packard)

(Installed on Kenworth)

(Installed on Honda)

(Installed on Toyota)



Cover Sizes:
(select your vehicle manufacturer from the list below to find the available cover sizes)


Alfa Romeo























Land Rover













Rolls Royce












If the size column shows the word "SPECIAL", just make the following two measurements below
and write the size in the "CUSTOM-SIZE" field above when ordering:

Outside Diameter

Grip Circumference



Available Colors & Codes:

  • Black (01)

  • Brown (03)
    a chocolate brown

  • Tan (04)
    the color of tobacco or a football

  • Blue (12)
    a navy blue

  • Gray (14)
    a light to medium grey

  • Red (15)

  • Burgundy (16)

  • White (17)

  • Sand (18)
    a light beige

  • Charcoal (19)
    a dark grey

  • Yellow (31)

  • Cobalt (35)
    a bright medium or royal blue

  • Oak (36)
    a medium earthtone

  • Sea Blue (37)
    a light to medium blue


Installation Instructions:


48 Reviews
94% (45)
2% (1)
2% (1)
2% (1)
0% (0)
8% Recommend this product (4 of 48 responses)
By JohnH
Orange, CA
Get a Grip
August 31, 2022
Love the custom made cover for my classic car. Very high quality leather and the finished product looks amazing. 101% satisfied!
Looks fantastic once complete Stitching requires patience
By Kerry
Great quality and feel
September 4, 2021
My wife and I both love the feel of these leather covers. Took me about 90 minutes to install, 2nd one probably would be faster. String was plenty long but initially mastering the tightness level was the biggest challenge. Would be much more difficult if you have back or neck problems as it does require some moving around to see what’s going on with the backside sometimes.
Strength, quality, feel, appearance, price vs the cheapies It does take some effort and patience to install.
By Robert R.
Acworth, GA
Steering Wheel Cover
January 1, 2021
Quality is excellent, speaking with a human outstanding, very nice person, but the person did not know the product they were selling. The representative did not listen to measurement I provided as the measurement was a custom measurement. He just sent out a size C. It was 1/4 inch too narrow. I contacted the manufacturer directly and they had the correct custom size in the mail the next day, Outstanding! I will do business with them in the future as needed. My wife loves her replacement wheel wrapping.
Quality Representatives need more training.
By Piet
Charlotte, NC
The best steering wheel wrap!
January 1, 2021
This wrap was custom made for my 17.5” steering wheel and fits perfectly. Took about an hour to sew on and well worth the small effort!! Has a nice feel and gives a better grip than the bare wheel had before.
Great custom fit! None
By Mike P.
Wheelskin Cover
February 9, 2014
Fit perfectly and the quality is great. Inexpensive way to cover the foam on a wheel that was deteriorating. New steering wheel was over $350, this was definitely the way to go.
By Jim H.
January 25, 2014
Absolutely wonderful wheel cover. Hardest part of install was getting around the spokes because of the size of the F250 steering wheel, but a little patience paid off. Looks like original equipment. Auto Barn shipped in a timely fashion. Very satisfied.
By Diana
September 28, 2013
This item looks great, fit perfectly and required very little sewing skills. Took about an hour to install and a little bit of patience. So glad to have a "new" steering wheel again!
July 19, 2013
By todd C.
steering wheel cover
June 25, 2013
This cover was of very good quality and it fit well. It took about an hour to put on and it looks nice.
By Marc W.
Leather steering wheel cover
June 2, 2013
When installed correctly no one would ever know this amazing product wasn't installed by the manufacturer. It is simply perfect and can't be done without. Try it once and you'll never want to drive your car without it!
By Tony C.
Wheelskin Leather Steering Wheel Cover
May 27, 2013
Best steering wheel cover I've ever bought. Looks like it came from the factory.
By Rick S.
arcade game machines
May 7, 2013
These are the best for protecting original foam on driving games. They go on easy, and have a great feel.
By robert w.
red wheelskin cover
January 11, 2013
bought it for my wife she loves it, said it's also the best airfreshner she has had. she loves the smell of leather
By Rich
Steering Wheel Cover
December 27, 2012
This is a very good product that I purchased for my Porsche steering wheel. Easy to install and amazing feel of the steering wheel. A firmed wanted to charge $450 to leather-wrap my steering wheel. I achieved the same result by purchasing this from you and wrapping my steering wheel myself. Thanks.
By Kasten
black leather wheelskin
November 11, 2012
Got one for our Hyundai Santa Fe. Looks good; feels good. It's good.
By A P.
Wheelskins Steering Wheel Cover
October 7, 2012
Went on easily and had a great fit. Highly pleased with this product.
By ned
October 6, 2012
Wow, the nicest steering wheel cover I've ever had! Looks so cool on my 1990 Lincoln Towncar! A pleasure to grip!
By Mike
Great Product
September 20, 2012
Quality is great, it looks good and feels good. My wife likes it so I like it.
By Trevor
Expectations, Blown Away
September 8, 2012
I was doubtful the whole time about this wheel cover. I've had covers like this one, or so I thought. I've used the vinyl stitch on wheel covers. I hated the feel, it felt hard and got harder with lower temps. This leather cover is soft and stays that way even when cold. It went on like a champ. When it says tight is right, they mean it. The tighter you can pull the string, the better it looks. Dont use pliers or they will shred the string. I'll buy another one of these when I'm rid of this car. I've got years left in this car so hopefully it lasts that long.
By David
leather wheel skin
September 4, 2012
excellent product easy to install but read the instructions even if you think you know how, there are a couple of good hints.
looks totally professional when done
By Julia
Wheelskins Steering Wheel Cover
August 27, 2012
My steering wheel was really worn and I needed a new cover for it, but I thought my car deserved better than one with cartoon characters or Hawaiian print. This product looks classy and professional. I bought the recommended size for my car and it fit perfectly. The fact that it will look great and feel comfortable for years was well worth it. If you want a quick and easy fix or if your car won't last much longer it might not be worth it. If you love your car, this is the cover for you.
By Amy C.
Wheelskin covers are great!
August 7, 2012
These are the best covers I've ever bought. The color is pretty, matches nicely, and fits securely. It took some time to lace it up, but it's on there tight! I just increased my perception of my old car. Maybe I'll keep it another 10 years...
By Jim
Wheelskins Leather
June 29, 2012
Nice. Not difficult to install even for a guy who doesn't sew. I made a big difference in the way the interior looked and the way the wheel felt. Classy thing.
By Rob
Wheelskins Original Steering Wheel Cover
June 9, 2012
If you have a cracked steering wheel this is a very good, cost effective fix. Since it wraps the steering wheel and is stitched together, it holds very tight and looks very good. At a quick glance it looks like the original steering wheel. No problems what so ever. I highly recommend this product.
By Kevin
Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover
May 1, 2012
Anyone considering buying one of those cheap plastic covers with their favorite football team or cartoon charator on it need not look at these covers. These covers are of the highest qualtiy and look so good when you are finished you'll wonder why you even considered the K-mart cover in the first place. There is just one thing you have to be willing to do, that is take the time to lace this baby up but do it right & tight and this cover will last years. I put one on a Crown Vic patrol car six years ago and three differant officers and it still cleans up great just a little mild soap and then some leather oil treatment. These are the BEST and Auto Barn has been the Cheapest place to buy them.
By Karen
wheel cover
April 22, 2012
I received my wheelskins cover yesterday and put it on this morning. Of course, you have to have patience and a needle nose pliers to pull the string through the holes, after you stretch it over the steering wheel. I'm 67 and had no problem putting this on. It looks awesome and I am very pleased with it.
By Todd
Wheelskins Original Steering Wheel Cover
March 7, 2012
A really great company! You have seen their website, so you know how great the steering wheel covers look. If you search youtube, you can see that they are also easy to install. If you have done a little research, you can see the pricing is very good. I have installed their Wheelskins Original in two of my vehicles, both look really great. So, what else do you really need to know about Wheelskins, the company??? You need to know how a company responds when something goes wrong. When you run into a problem, how that company responds makes all the difference in the world.

I recently purchased a cover for my 2008 Toyota Tundra. I had installed one on another vehicle a couple of years ago and the installation was flawless. People thought I had a professional shop make and install it for me. I read the instructions, watched a youtube video, and did it myself. It took me about 45 minutes, but was actually very easy.

Now back to my 2008 Tundra. I received the cover, had a tough time getting it to stretch over the steering wheel, and then could not get the cover to pull together properly. No matter how hard I tightened the strings, it just would not work. So I called the home office in Berkley, Ca, and the very nice and helpful customer service rep gave me some recommendations to try, and told me if it didn't work, to call her back. Unfortunately, the cover was just a little too small. And, I had chosen charcoal gray, but really needed black. I called her back and she asked me to verify some measurements for my steering wheel. It is 15.5" diameter, and the grip is 4.25", which is at the maximum for the size cover I purchased. She said not to worry, they would send out a special order size the very next day. And, I asked if I could change the color and she said no problem. The incorrect size was not my fault (I bought the recommended size C and that is what they sent). But the wrong color was my fault. I thought the contrast would go well with the interior of my truck, but I was wrong. The color was just like that shown on their website. Anyway, they sent me the black one, as requested. They didn't want the original one (which is perfectly fine, just didn't fit my vehicle) and didn't charge me any additional shipping charges.

The replacement arrived 3 business days later and I installed it when I got home from work. Perfect fit and perfect color. But there was a problem. On the back side of the cover, at about the 2 o'clock position, the leather was tearing at several of the thread holes. So, I called them back, and ended up with a different customer service person. I wasn't sure what to expect, maybe I did something wrong on the install, maybe they would want me to purchase a replacement, etc.

But again, no problem. I gave the customer service rep some information, and she sent me another replacement. No hassles, no additional costs. A different customer service representative, but the same friendly and helpful trouble free service.

The Wheelskins website says, "As a Wheelskins customer, you can expect to receive consistently well made products, shipped on time, with universal customer satisfaction." I am completely satisfied, and highly recommend their products.
By Dave
Leather Steering Wheel Cover
January 27, 2012
By bob l.
Wheelskin wheel cover
January 17, 2012
excellent product. this is the second one i have ordered and the quality is outstanding. i received it in 3 days.
Sterring wheel cover
December 29, 2011
Love it!
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  • "This is my first experience with Auto Barn. It has been a good experience so far and I look fwd to doing more business with Auto Barn as long as I continue to have as good of an experience as this one has been. Thanks" (7/21/22)

  • "Was a good experience overall" (7/20/22)

  • "Available product, easy order, quick shipping, and excellent product. Highly recommend Auto Barn, and this product!" (7/17/22)

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