6 Cylinder Engine Restorer & Lubricant (15 oz.)

6 Cylinder Engine Restorer & Lubricant (15 oz.)
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In normal driving, friction and wear cut scratches in the metal surfaces inside every car's engine. This causes compression and power loss and increases oil consumption as cars get older. Restore Engine Restorer fills these scratches and improves the seal between piston rings and cylinder walls. This means better compression and more balanced compression across all cylinders. Independent road tests prove Restore brings back power to near original levels.


  • What is Restore? Every vehicle's engine wears out as a result of friction
    during normal operation. This friction causes wear of the cylinder walls which
    leads to compression loss. Lost compression results in your engine having less power,
    it runs poorly and has sluggish acceleration. It also can cause increased oil burning,
    exhaust smoking, and poor fuel economy. RESTORE Engine Restorer and Lubricant
    is a unique engine additive that repairs those worn-out areas in the cylinder wall
    thereby restoring cylinder compression and improving engine performance to nearly
    new original condition

  • How does Restore work? RESTORE is the only product that contains the
    proprietary CSL formula. This technologically advanced formulation has unique
    properties that actually fill in and seal micro-leaks in the cylinder wall.
    The result is increased engine compression and more engine power.

  • What are the benefits? By using RESTORE on a regular basis at every oil change,
    you will keep the compression ratio of all cylinders at near original levels. You will feel
    the difference when you drive, your vehicle will have more power, better acceleration
    and it will run smoother because the compression is balanced across all cylinders.
    In addition, if your engine is burning oil and smoking because of blow-by,
    RESTORE's CSL formula can solve that problem too.

  • Is it good for my engine? Yes, not only does RESTORE's CSL formula repair
    worn-out areas on the cylinder wall, it also is an EP (extreme pressure) lubricant
    that greatly enhances the lubrication of your vehicle's engine. This means better
    engine protection during start-up and heavy loading when normal motor oil film
    breaks down and allows excessive wear of engine parts.

  • Is it compatible with synthetic oil? Yes, Restore may be used with any
    type of mineral or synthetic motor oil.

  • Can it be used with diesel engines? Yes, Restore can be used in diesel engines

  • Can it be used with turbocharged engines? Yes, Restore can be used in turbocharged engines.

  • Can it be used in lawn mower or tractor engines? Yes, Restore can be used as long as
    the engines are 4 stroke engines. When adding Restore to small engines such as lawnmowers,
    add 6 oz of Restore (one-half can of the 11oz size) when changing the oil. Be careful not to
    overfill the crankcase since you'll need to add less motor oil to compensate for adding Restore.

  • Can it be used in 2 stroke engines where the oil is mixed with gasoline?
    No, Restore is not formulated for use in 2 stroke engines.

  • When should it be added to engine oil? For best results, Restore should be
    added when changing the oil & filter. To avoid overfilling, make sure to reduce
    the amount of oil that you normally add by about a half quart.


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