HinderRust™ Lubricant & Rust Blocker Spray (8 oz)

HinderRust™ Lubricant & Rust Blocker Spray (8 oz)
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Hinder Rust is a rust inhibiting lubricant that is solvent free, non aerosol based and odor free. Hinder Rust employs the same lubricant technology of Tufoil, to keep all moving parts moving smoothly. So don't let frozen or stuck moving parts stop you, Hinder Rust will get it moving again, plus prevent any further rust. Hinder Rust is also perfect in the fight against salt-water corrosion. Applying Hinder Rust on parts and tools when they are new will stop corrosion before it begins. Hinder Rust is a multi-use product, extending the life of valuable equipment by keeping it moving and rust free. Great for industrial, transit, light rail, mining, marine, automotive, and of course household uses. Hinder Rust is simple to use, just spray it onto the provided brush, and watch the magic begin.




  • Extremely surface active

  • Expands to cover exposed
    parts of metal not completely
    sprayed or painted

  • Pushes water out

  • Bonds to metal at the
    atomic level

  • Metal bonding takes place
    at the molecular level

  • Extremely resistant to being
    bumped or wiped off

  • Can be removed safely using
    a standard solvent or high pressure
    water stream

  • Extremely long-lasting

  • Does not evaporate

  • Sits on the metal, protecting it
    from rust for months and years
    without needing to be reapplied

  • Effective at preventing rust

  • No solvents



Suggested Applications:

Any movable parts



Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Cutters




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