Sea Foam Deep Creep® Penetrating Lubricant Spray (12 oz.)

Sea Foam Deep Creep® Penetrating Lubricant Spray (12 oz.)
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Deep Creep’s fast acting, 100% petroleum formula quickly penetrates rusted parts, lubricates moving metal parts, disperses moisture, and cuts through grease, engine varnish and road tar.  It withstands heat better than other penetrating oils – allowing you to use it in combination with a torch to loosen a badly rusted part.  Deep Creep has hundreds of household and workshop uses and outperforms all the leading penetrating sprays on the market. Deep Creep’s unique spray can even work with the can held upside down so you can use it in difficult-to-reach applications. Mechanics, sportsmen and hobbyists use Deep Creep to lubricate and disperse moisture on fishing reels, engine parts, clamps, wheels, air tools, locks, rollers, chains, gears, drawer slides, hinges and ball bearings.

NOTE: Deep Creep is VOC complaint.


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