Liquid Glass Leather, Vinyl, & Rubber Care Kit

Liquid Glass Leather, Vinyl, & Rubber Care Kit
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Kit Includes:

  • 1 - Liquid Glass Leather, Vinyl & Rubber Protectant (8 oz.) - Specially formulated with mink oil,
    special wax and ultra-violet inhibitors to protect, lubricate, penetrate, and maintain newness to weathered leather,
    vinyl, rubber, and finished wood. Maintains the soft, supple and pliable condition and appearance.
    It prevents cracking and protects against water stains, harmful moisture and sun damage. It restores luster
    and softness to vinyl and leather that has been lost due to heat and age. Offers lasting protection for both your
    vehicles interior and exterior. It lasts a minimum of 3 months without drying out the surfaces the way all alcohol
    and soap products do.

  • 1 - Liquid Glass Leather, Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner (8 oz) - Remarkable cleaner that attacks ground-in grease
    and grime. However it also administers mink oil and lanolin leaving your leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces
    deeply conditioned and supple. Plus it can be used on canvas and vinyl convertible tops to deep clean and restore
    softness and flexibility. Multiple coats will penetrate a surface that has become hard and brittle with age,
    making it soft and pliable again. It will easily and effortlessly removes ground-in dirt, and stubborn stains without
    stripping the surface. Cleans and penetrates rubber to newness and rejuvenates tires by removing old wax, silicone,
    and ground-in dirt in both the tire and letters, increasing your tires longevity.


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