Lubegard Automatic Transmission Supplement for Ford Applications (10 oz.)

Lubegard Automatic Transmission Supplement for Ford Applications (10 oz.)
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Lubegard Automatic Transmission Supplement for Ford Applications will enhance any Dexron/Mercon to perform like a Mercon V. This uniquely engineered formula adds lubricity and maintains proper fluid viscosity of the ATF. It gives the ATF the ability to withstand consistently higher temperatures for today’s hotter running transmissions. As a top treat, this product solves the reoccurring problem of additive depletion in Mercon V ATFs. It effectively eliminates chronic torque converter shudder and clutch chatter. Added to Mercon® V ATF, LUBEGARD® Automatic Transmission Supplement for Ford Applications will extend the life of the ATF by boosting frictional stability




  • Eliminates the need to stock
    Mercon V ATF

  • Dramatically reduces friction

  • Tightens the shift cycle without loosing the
    friction modification at lock-up

  • Prevents overheating

  • Reduces elevated operating temperatures
    for more efficient automatic transmission performance

  • Increases the fluids ability to transfer heat

  • Eliminates transmission fluid foaming and oxidation

  • Softens and modifies harsh shifts providing for smoother,
    quicker shifting

  • Proven superior in optimizing total
    transmission performance

  • Extends ATF life

  • Eliminates clutch chatter and torque converter shudder

  • Keeps valves and governors free

  • Frees stuck valves in valve bodies

  • Superior seal compatability and conditioning

  • Raises the thermal and oxidative stability of the ATF


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