Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner (2 oz.)

Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner (2 oz.)
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The Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner is a new revolutionary product that has the remarkable ability to repair and permanent seal leaks in the evaporators, condensers, gaskets & o-rings, and connection hoses. It contains no solid or particulate matter. It is non-clogging and will not harm your A/C system or recovery system and acts as an excellent lubricant. The Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner bonds forming a chemical weld and sealing the leak and is safe and easy to use. Work's on cars, trucks, vans, or SUV's with R-12 or R-134a automotive systems. Permanently seals condensers, connection hoses, evaporators, gaskets & O-rings. Contains 2 fl. oz.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak Oil Injector (click to order) to add the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner to your engine.



Red Angel FAQ's:

Q:How does it work?
A:Red Angel is inert until it mixes with R-12 or R-134a. Once activated, it seeks out oxygen (which is present at the site of a leak) and bonds with it, forming a chemical weld and sealing the leak.

Q:How large of a leak does it repair?

A:Red Angel will seal leaks in A/C systems that can hold 5 inches of vacuum for 25 minutes or 15 inches of vacuum for 5 minutes. A system that won’t hold 5” of vacuum on the low side for 25 minutes has a leak that is too large to be sealed, and will need a hard part repair.

Q:How much do I use?
A:One bottle (2oz.) is used for A/C systems up to a 5 lb. capacity. When adding Red Angel to an evacuated system, substitute 2oz. Red Angel for 2oz. of oil. When a vehicle has a slow leak & maintains a partial charge, add 2 oz. of Red Angel along with the necessary amount of R-12 or R-134a (see service manual).

Q:What happens if i recycle the refrigerant?
A:Red Angel is removed from the A/C system with the refrigerant. It is then separated from the refrigerant with the reclaimed oil. It will not clog or damage a recovery unit.

Q:Can I install it without an oil injector?
A:No, you must use an oil injector!

Q:Can I use red angel with freeze 12 or any other alternate refrigerant?
A:Yes, Red Angel can be used with alternative refrigerants.

Q:Will it clog the driers or any other a/c components?
A:NO. Red Angel will not clog or effect any other components. During the injection process, drying agents prevent any sealing activity. Red Angel will not clog or damage the recovery unit, Red Angel is removed with the reclaimed oil.

Q:Does it seal evaporator leaks?
A:Yes! It also seals leaks in connection hoses, gaskets, o-rings & condensers.

Q:How long will it stay in the system?
A:If there are no leaks in the system, Red Angel remains as a liquid lubricant in the system. It can stay in the system until the oil is reclaimed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not recommended for systems that cannot hold 5 inches of vacuum for 25 minutes or 15 inches of vacuum for 5 minutes. Also not recommended for systems that lose more than 1 pound of Freon per day or leaking compressors.


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By mitch
red angel
August 26, 2014
Great product. A/C was blowing warm air even after a recharge with coolant. Mechanic said there must be a leak. My mechanic then put Red Angel into my a/c. After Red Angel, it has been blowing ice cold air consistently. This product worked for me. Saved an evaporator replacement which would have cost over $500.00.
By Macho m.
stop leak
May 25, 2012
It works if you follow instruction to install.
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