Zymol Wheel Coat Wax & Finish (8 oz.)

Zymol Wheel Coat Wax & Finish (8 oz.)
Zymol Wheel Coat Wax & Finish (8 oz.)
Zymol Wheel Coat Wax & Finish (8 oz.)
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Protective Zymol Wheel Coat is used after cleaning with Zymol Wheel Cleaner (Brite), just spray your wheels with this easy-to-use formula. Your wheel investment will be protected from road soil and corrosion.



Directions for use:

  1. Shake well.

  2. Thoroughly clean wheels
    using Zymol wheel cleaner

  3. Thoroughly dry wheel surface
    or allow to air dry

  4. Generously mist wheel with protective
    Zymol wheel coat

  5. Allow to dry.

  6. On flat areas and highly shiny surfaces,
    lightly buff with soft cloth

Please Note:

For best results use on clean dry wheels and allow to dry before driving. If it slight streaks persist, lightly mist cloth and rework area




  • Spun Tallow and Castile Soaps

  • Spearmint Oil Extract

  • Citric Turpine

  • Cetyl Cocoamide
    (derived from coconut oil)

  • Cocoamide

  • Guar Extract

  • Oat Colloids

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