Zymol Porsche Glasur Glaze Wax (8 oz)

Zymol Porsche Glasur Glaze Wax (8 oz)
Zymol Porsche Glasur Glaze Wax (8 oz)
Zymol Porsche Glasur Glaze Wax (8 oz)
Zymol Porsche Glasur Glaze Wax (8 oz)
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The Zymol Porsche Glasur Glaze Wax was developed and specially engineered in co-operation with the Porsche Club of America for Porsche and critically tested at various Porsche Club events. The Zymol Porsche Glasur Glaze Wax is suitable for all factory Porsche paint finishes. Formulated with 56% Brazilian Yellow carnauba to protect and enhance the original factory paintwork. Applying the Zymol glaze wax on your Porsche vehicle will give the paint surface unbelievable depth, gloss, and shine. Zymol created the Porsche Glasur Glaze Wax to put the shine and reflection back into your Porsche and a must-have for all Porsche owners.

  • Contains 56% Carnauba Wax (100% Yellow by Volume)
  • Specifically Engineered For Porsche Paint Finish
  • Co-Operation with The Porsche Club of America
  • Provides protection that polishes do not
  • Greater protection with increased depth of shine and reflection.
  • No Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives
  • No White Residue or Buildup Along Seams

Zymol Glazes are designed to provide maximum results with minimum product application. Apply small amounts of zymol Glaze for each application. Do not allow any Zymol Glaze to dry.

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